A Fading Flower, his first personal
release in 1995 on the stories about the
CantOpera actress PAK Suet-sin.
It has received awards
in various film festival, including:

RISPARMIO DI FIRENZE di Montecatini Terme”
in “FilmVideo’97”

2. United States of America: “Bronze CINDY”
in “The 38th Annual International CINDY
Competition 1997”

3. United States of America: “Honorable Mention”
in “The 45th Annual Columbus
International Film & Video Festival” (1997)

4. United Kingdom: “Bronze Seal Award”
in “International Film & Video Festival 1997”

5. Austria: “Ebenseer Baren in Bronze”
in “Festival der Nationen” (1997)

Being one of the founder of Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop (1999), Rex Ng is the first graduate of the Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Cantonese Opera) full time course (2003) of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, a graduate from Faculty of TV Production of Asia Television Training Institute (1990) and a member of the Cantonese Opera Advisory Committee (2006-2008) as appointed by Government Secretarial – Home Affairs Bureau. Rex is now the Chief Executive & Creative Officer of Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop.

Cantonese Opera Directing Works include:
III Domains: Human, Ghost & Deity﹝Premiere (2000), Rerun (2002), Third Run (2008)﹞, A Rose in a Tempest (2006), Romance in a Labyrinth (2008), Martyrdom (2013), III Madames (2013), III Masks (2013), ArenA﹝Rerun (2015), Seoul Black Box Version (2017)﹞. Chinese Operatic Song Concerts include: After the May Fourth Movement - CantOpera Xiaoqu Inter-school Competition All-star CantOpera performance (2004), Jaded Lovers‧Drift (2006), Born Again‧Depart (2006), His Butterflies﹝Premiere (2014), Rerun (2016)﹞etc.

Video Directing Works include:
TV advertisement: China Motion Telecom - In Pairs (1997); enterprise image video production: Ricoh – Road to Success (1994), HKAPA-School of Music (1998), HKAPA - School of Technical Arts (1998); short video productions: A Fading Flower (1995), Females in the Eyes of Stanley KWAN (1996), commissioned production with Hong Kong Film Archive: a documentary short video for the 15th Anniversary of the Death of Kim-fai Yam - Let It Be (2004), A Dying Phoenix (2008); TV short video production co-operated with LO Wai-luen, Stanley KWAN and Anthony LUN: Short Video on PAK Suet-sin, Life Time Achievement Award winner in The 20th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony (2001); Making of advertisement for Hutchison Telecom - Leon-Fishing (2005); web short video production: West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre 2013 - Takes you down memory lane, Cantonese opera, Contemporary Music, Dance, Fair, Exhibition, etc.

Live Video Recording Works include:
LO King-man’s opera series: La Traviata, Lucia di Lammermoor, Turandot, Aida, The Merry Widow, Lo Boheme, Night Banquet, The Tomb of Three Kings, Carmen, Tosca, Il Trovatore, Madama Butterfly and Macbeth; Drama: Red Sky and Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land directed by Stan Lai, De Ling and Empress Dowager Ci Xi directed by Daniel Yang, Forever and Ever by Fredric Mao, Peer Gynt directed by Michael Bogdanov, The Naked Eyes directed by HO Ying-fung; Musical drama: Ricky my Love directed by Daniel Yang, 1941 Girl! directed by Roy Szeto, West Side Story directed by Jacob Yu, The Border Town directed by Victor Pang; Stand-up comedy: WONG Chi-wai Stand-up Comedy: Where are you going next?, CHEUNG Tat-ming on Stage Solo: Deliberately Inflammatory, Freemen Show II; Concert: Anthony Lun Under The Roof; Cantonese Opera Production: organized by Art of Cantonese Opera - Cao Cao and Yang Xiu, Madame She, June Snow and Goddess of Luo, Cantonese Opera Treasures in the 38th Hong Kong Arts Festival - The Imperial Emperor of Heaven Holding Court, A Fairy Delivers Her Son to the Mortal Father, Birthday Feast on the Mountain of Fragrant Flowers, Prime Minister of Six States, Why Don’t You Return?, Princess Changping, etc.

Playwright Works include:
Reorganize : A Rose in a Tempest (2006), White Jacket (2013) (with CHEUNG Kwan-hin ), Netherworld Judgement (2013) (with CK), Grabbing Herbs (2013) (with CK), Mou Cung Revenges (2013) (with CK), Co-Playwrights with CK : ArenA (2011), Martyrdom (2013) (adapted from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet), etc.

Publications include:
Planning: Brochure for Revisit III DOMAINS (2002); Planning & Production: Cantonese Opera Xiaoqu – Multi-discipline teaching material (2004); Art Editor: Cantonese Opera –So La Do Textbook(2004) for Education and Manpower Bureau, HKSAR; Script Editing and Layout Design: Waiting Heart Chinese-English Bilingual Script: based on manuscripts used for the first season of staging (2016), etc.

Production:\"Teaching Guide on Cantonese Opera for Primary and Secondary Music Teachers\" project presented by Arts Education Section, Curriculum Development Institute, Education Department (2002);Planning & Production:obtaining the Quality Education Fund to facilitate \"the Cantonese Opera: Xiaoqu Teaching Experimental Programme in primary and secondary schools\" (2003-04);Planning & Production:obtaining the Hong Kong Arts Development Council to facilitate\"Cantonese Opera Teaching in Regular Secondary School Curriculum\" project with YCH Lan Chi Pat Memorial Secondary School(2004); Production:the Greater Pearl River Delta Cultural Cooperation Project\'s feature activity of the International Conference on Contonese Opera:\"Floral Princess\"-The 50th Anniversary Youth Edition (2007) ; Coordinator:\"Integrate Cantonese Opera in Education\" project operated by The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Education (2007-08)

Canto-opera Playwright & Director
Short Video on PAK Suet-sin,
Life Time Achievement
Award winner in The 20th
Hong Kong Film Awards
Presentation Ceremony
Idea & Production
Let It Be
a documentary short video
for the 15th Anniversary
of the Death of Yam Kim-fai
Video Director
Females in the Eyes
of Stanley KWAN
Video Director
Making of Leon-Fishing
Video Director
De Ling and
Empress Dowager Ci Xi
Video Director
III Domains:
Ghost & Deity
Canto-opera Director