Maurice LAI's sense of music and rhythm,
coupled with his unique way of video editing,
has brought life to a series of dance video
in the last eight years of various style
and artistic treatment. Dancers trust his
camera and his works often reveal a sense
of humour, ridiculing everyday life or
even the dancers themselves. Lai has
achieved an irreplaceable role in the dance
scene as more and more dance troupes
contracted him for video promos and shorts.
── Excerpt from "Jumping Frames
International Dance Video Showcase 2011"

In 2004, Maurice released his first
independent video, A Cup of Tea,
in collaboration with Yuri NG. It has received
awards in various film festival, including:

1. the award-winning video in 2004
Jumping Frames Dance Video Competition

2. awarded Menzioni Speciali of IL
VIDEODANZA 2006 in Napoli, Italy

3. the Choice of the Jury in Festival
International de Video Danbse du Breuil
2009 held in France

In 2005, When he was a producer in
Creative Imaging Department of Television
Broadcasts Limited, his TV promo
Dragon Boat Festival Image won
the Gold Award of Best Holiday/Seasonal
Promo in PROMAX ASIA 2005.

In 2015 he received from Hong Kong Dance
Alliance The Hong Kong Dance Award
for Outstanding Achievement in Video
and Photography for Dance.

Born in Hong Kong and graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with the Diploma in Technical Arts (TV/Film) in 1996, Maurice has been actively involved in video recording, dancing, opera and restaurant business. Maurice is currently the director of Tim’s Kitchen Company Limited and restaurant manager of Tim’s Kitchen Hong Kong, vice-president & co-ordinator (technical support) of Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop, director of Unlock Dancing Plaza.

Maurice loves traditional operas. He has taken an advanced diploma course in Cantonese Opera in The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts. In 2001, he represented The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts to take part in a Cantonese Opera performance in the Chinese Festival in Berlin, Germany. In 1999, he founded the Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop with a group of young people who are also highly devoted to this performing art. Besides actual participation in production and stage performance, Maurice is also diligent in promoting the education of Cantonese Opera. Such efforts include obtaining the Quality Education Fund in 2003 to facilitate the Cantonese Opera: Xiaoqu Teaching Experimental Programme in primary and secondary schools, co-organizing Cantonese Opera Teaching in Regular Secondary School Curriculum with YCH Lan Chi Pat Memorial Secondary School, and being the instructor in the “Integrate Cantonese Opera in Education” project operated by The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Education in 2007.

Maurice is also a video work artist. He has been in documentary video shooting for movie and stage performance, video design and promo production. Artists and organization that he has worked closely with include City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Dance Company, Hong Kong Ballet, Hong Kong Ballet Group, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company (UK), The Arts Fission Company (Singapore), The Royal Academy of Dance (UK), Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Amity Drama Club, Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Osage Art Foundation, Hong Kong Film Archieve, Emperor Stage, KAM Kwok-leung, Connie CHAN, WONG Ka-wai, Andrew LAU, Helen LAI, Yuri NG, Daniel YEUNG, MUI Cheuk-yin, XI Liang, SANG Jijia, Andy WONG, CHOU Shu-yi and YIP Wing-sie. Commercial works include directing of music video for Ivana WONG and Jonathan WONG, Hong Kong Sinfonietta CD TV commercial This is Classical Music, Deloitte China promotion video Pursuit of Predominance and Audi Car Company Sang Jijia and Q5 video.

In 2004, Maurice released his first independent video, A Cup of Tea, in collaboration with Yuri NG. After that, Maurice has shot two videos, Colour Trilogy and Monday (Rain) for Jumping Frames Dance Video Competition, Hong Kong (2006, 2008) in two consecutive competitions and has shot multiple sets of dance video of high opinion.

His dance videos have been shown in: Macao (16th Macao Arts Festival 2005), Salt Lake City (Utah Arts Festival 2005), Bangkok (FRESH a festival of international video and short film 2005 and 2009), Australia (4th ReelDance International Dance on Screen Festival 2006), Seoul (Seoul's New Media festival 2007), Hong Kong (14th IFVA Festival 2009), Beijing (Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival : Beijing 2009) and GuangZhou (Guangdong Modern Dance Festival 2009), etc.

Maurice has been a speaker in seminars and workshops held for undergraduates of The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Phd students of Sun Yat-sen University and also The Chinese University of Hong Kong, introducing creative production of dance video.  From 2009 to 2010, a series of One Minute Dance Video was shot by Maurice in various landmark locations in Hong Kong with the theme DANCE.Wherever You Go to celebrate CCDC 30th Anniversary.

In 2000, his parents started the Cantonese cuisine restaurant - Tim’s Kitchen, Maurice has been actively helping out. Other than the daily operation, the style and theme of the design of their Hong Kong and Macau restaurants all came from his ideas. In the middle of 2006, Maurice resigned from the Director position in the TV company and devoted himself to the family business by being the director of Tim’s Kitchen Company Limited and restaurant manager of Tim’s Kitchen Hong Kong. In December 2008, ”Michelin Guide”, the authority of the international cuisine, was first published in China. Tim’s Kitchen Hong Kong and Tim’s Kitchen Macau was awarded one and two stars respectively by Michelin Guide (Hong Kong, Macau) 2009. They are the only restaurants that have the awards for both Hong Kong and Macau locations at that time other than the restaurants of the famous French chef Joel Robuchon. In 2009, Tim’s Kitchen Hong Kong was awarded two stars by Michelin Guide (Hong Kong, Macau) 2010, and became the only independently operating restaurant that has earned this award.

Colour Trilogy
Dance Video Director
A Cap of Tea
Dance Video Director
Prélude à L'après-midi d'un Faune
Dance Video Director
1 + 1
music video for Jonathan WONG
Video Director
MAN Zung
in A rose in a tempest
CantOpera Performer
Deity of Fire
CantOpera Performer
Start With the Body
Dance Video Director