Joe graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong with Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature and Master of Education (Policy Studies in Education) and obtained Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Liberal Studies Teaching) from Hong Kong Baptist University. Joe is also a doctoral student of EdUHK. He is Lecturer in Department of Education Policy and Leadership, EdUHK. He serves as Research Fellow of the Research Centre for Transmission of Cantonese Opera.

Joe is one of the founders of Utopia and participates in most of its productions, including as Producer of the 1st staging of III Domains: Human, Ghost, Deity. He wrote all the introductory articles of Utopia’s productions. He also assisted in the education and promotion projects of Utopia.

He is active in writing for the media, including Ming Pao, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Apple Daily, and Media Digest, on such topics as politics, education and cultural policy.