As a student he won the following awards:

1. 1994: 1st Grade Award, Guangdong
Cantonese Opera School Cantonese Operatic
Singing Competition

2. 1994: Duet Award, Guangdong
Cantonese Opera School Cantonese Operatic
Singing Competition

3. 1996: 3rd Grade Singing Award,
the Mid-southern Chapter of the Nation-wide
Art School Opera Education Competition

4. 1998: Bronze Award, Cantonese
Operatic Music Competition

5. 2002: Bronze Award, 3rd Guangdong
Province Operatic Performance Competition

HONG Hai graduated from the Guangdong Cantonese Opera School in 1997, specialising in the siu-mou (Putonghua xiaowu, civil male) and mou-sang (Putonghua wusheng, military male) role types. He then joined the Hung-dau Cantonese Opera Troupe of Guangzhou. He later studied full-time at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) and graduated with the Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Cantonese Opera) in 2003. After that he became a formal disciple of the renowned Cantopera master LO Pan-chiu. He is now a Chinese Opera Senior Lecturer (Production) with the HKAPA. and Education Development Coordinator of Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop.

The roles he has played for performances with the HKAPA include SUNG3 Gong1 (Putonghua SONG Jiang) in SUNG Gong Kills the Concubine, SIT Ji (Putonghua XUE Yi) in Si-seoi Pass, MA Ciu (Putonghua MA Chao) in Combating MA Ciu After Sunset, SIT Ping-gwai (Putonghua XUE Pinggui) in Ping-Gwai Leaves His Kiln-Turned Home, LEOI Bou (Putonghua Lü Bu) in Phoenix Pavilion, JOENG Zung-bou (Putonghua YANG Zongbao) in Matchmaking of MUK Gwai-jing (Putonghua MU Guihying),  JOENG Luk-long (Putonghua YANG Liulang) in Sixth Brother Reprimands His Son, SI Ho-faat (Putonghua SHI Kefa) in Peach Blossom Fan, DUNG Wing (Putonghua DONG Yong) in Rendezvous under the Pagoda Tree, HON Seon (Putonghua HAN Xin) in Journey in Moonlight to Retain Wise Counsellor, and ZIU Zi-lung (Putonghua ZHAO Zilong) in Interception on The River to Rescue O-dau (Putonghua E-dou). He also represented the HKAPA to participate in 'China Festival 2001' in Berlin of Germany, playing the role of Monkey King in Monkey King and the Skeleton Demon.

The roles he has played for performances with other troupes include JYU Suk-je, PUI Jyu and NGAAI Ging-long in III DOMAINS-Human, Ghost, Deity, NGAI Ciu-jan in Female Fragrance, SIT Ding-saan in Hon River Pass, Prince White Dragon in White Dragon Pass, FAAN Lai in A Rose in a Tempest, GONG Hoi-tin in The Spy Who Loves Me, WAA Wan-lung in The Forbidden Royal Marriage, ZIU Jyu-zau in Romance in a Labyrinth, LEI Sai-man in The Rise of the Tong Dynasty, GWAAN Jyu in The Heroic, MOU Cung in MOU Cung in the Inn, HEOI Sin in The Broken Bridge, LAM Cung in Bidding Farewell at the Willow Pavilion, JOENG Jyut in Mirror Dream Come True, and HON Seon (Putonghua HAN Xin) in Arena.

Besides actual participation in stage performance, HONG is also diligent in promoting the education of Cantonese Opera. Such efforts include obtaining the Quality Education Fund in 2003 to facilitate the Cantonese Opera: Xiaoqu Teaching Experimental Programme in primary and secondary schools, co-organizing Cantonese Opera Teaching in Regular Secondary School Curriculum with YCH Lan Chi Pat Memorial Secondary School, and being the instructor in the “Integrate Cantonese Opera in Education” project operated by The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Education in 2007.

in A Rose in a Tempest
ZIU Jyu-zau
in Romance in a Labyrinth
HON Seon in Arena
JYU Suk-je
NGAAI Ging-long