LI Pui-yan x Enoch CHENG

Revelation of Floral Princess: Cat Killing Formula for Rescue

Imagining a violent scene from Floral Princess through experimentation.

Floral Princess is a Cantonese opera classic that tells a love story during the collapse of the country in Ming Dynasty. As Princess Cheung-ping, the heroine, is about to face the betrayal by her own courtiers, ZAU Seoi-laan, the supporting female character, cleverly devises a rescue plan: by faking the princess’ death. She kills a cat to get its fresh blood to feign a suicide.

However, this bloody scene is not played out in the original script. The audience has to imagine the crime scene. Cantonese opera performer, LI Pui-yan and mixed-media artist, Enoch CHENG, will team up to reveal the process of constructing this absent scene in a lecture performance. Stripping away the colorful makeup and costume from this conventional art-form, the artists will experiment the use of formulaic movement principles, combining with both Eastern and Western aesthetics, to perform the stylized violence on stage.

Dates:  2021.12.18-19 (2 performances)
McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Price: $150

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