Author: Jason KONG

This is a project about culture, history, memory, acting of “newly scripted contemporary Canto-opera”.

In 2021, the pandemic has affected our society, our communication, and our platform for cultural exchange. The empty stage has provoked our thoughts on the meaning of art, and the stage, on what is “not speaking”, “not seeing”, “not admitting”. “Admission” is what? We have many friends who have left the profession, when we brush shoulders in the future: anonymous, struggling, denying, overturning, opposing, how would we savour the meaning of this journey?

In 1957, script writer TONG Tik-sang, wrote the scripts of “Falling of the City” and “In Love”, Scene 4 of Floral Princess, “Meeting at the Temple”. The meeting, was it a debate, or a confrontation, what had happened between him and her on the stage? What was true? What was false? During the pandemic, what were they facing? In a fragmented society, was there a way out for them?

“Wei Mo Temple” itself is a place in the memory, but ordinary people also love to be there to wipe their memory. During the times of war, this was a peaceful place for the drifted, and for the lost souls. When he and she were meeting, just how much did they want to talk to each other, but could not? The survived and the disappeared, how much worry and unease was there? How much love and lust? Or trauma and depression? Was there motive to kill? All in a fleeting thought...

In 2021, he and she were still meeting at the 300-year old “Wei Mo Temple”, but was there any speech left?

To guide with the singing of Nanyin (southern tones in Canto-opera), wandering into the world of Canto-opera “basic singing” and “poetic singing”, with a dialogue of music and percussion, and acoustic adjustments on stage, critically reviewing the theatre as a platform, stretching the boundaries of the buffer zone, deconstructing and revealing the truth and false of the theatre, its worry and desire, its survival and disappearance.

Dates:  2021.12.17-18 (2 performances)
McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Price: $150

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