The greatest works of TONG Tik-sang were completed in late 50's in the last century. Most of them were performed by "Yam-Pak" (Ms. Yam Kim-fai and Pak Shuet-sin).  These works differ a lot from their contemporaries, even for now. They lit up the sky like pretty fireworks, regrettably there is yet to be a production with the same impact.

"His Butterflies" is the third episode of the REVELATION series. Episode I “A Fading Flower” of the series was produced in 1995 and Episode II “Let it Be” in 2004. It has taken 20 years for us to fulfill the dream.

In memory of TONG Tik-sang 55 years after he left us, we present this unusual concert with 40 extracts from his works. While the librettos are taken from different operas of his, montage works to trigger different readings and visions on the part of the audience.


In the past, most Chinese opera performers in Hong Kong learned by experience, that is, they were apprentices of different masters in the trade. The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts first established a course in Chinese opera in 1999, which subsequently became the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Chinese Opera we have today. Today's concert is a gathering of the academians from the past 15 years, including the first graduates to those in this year.

Naturally the academians are the inheritants of tradition, but do we also need to break through tradition and adapt to the changing times? Academians have learned so much about history, theories and analysis, shouldn't we be ready for change?  But it is equally important to go back to our roots and conserve what are traditionally important. Balance must be found on the scale, to figure out how much things weigh.  That is the basic theory. Seems like both are important, those who are more daring go create, those who are better at conserving go protect. Each person plays on his/her strength, then the scale will work properly!

This concert is performed by the academians, including those who sing and those who play musical instruments, the proceeds will go to supporting The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts to establish a Chinese Opera Alumni Association., to encourage alumni of different nature to embark on the roads of conservation and creation.  Let Chinese opera in Hong Kong like butterflies flying high!

The proceeds will go to supporting HKAPA to establish a Chinese Opera Alumni Association.

Short film showing at same time 28 Nov.
REVALATION series Episode I
“A Fading Flower” (1995)

Tribute to PAK Shuet-sin
Director : Rex NG
Assistant Director & Photographer:
KWAN Pun-leung
Short film showing at same time 29 Nov.
REVALATION series Episode II
“Let it Be” (2004)

Tribute to YAM Kim-fai
Director: Rex Ng
Photographer: KWAN Pun-leung
LIANG Yanxia* (2014 Graduate)
LIN Yingshi* (2011 Graduate)
Susanna CHENG (2003 Graduate)
Janet WONG (2005 Graduate)
HONG Hai* (2003 Graduate)
Rex NG (2003 Graduate)
Susanna CHENG (2003 Graduate)
ZHAO Riwei* (2013 Graduate)
Percussions Director
RUAN Dewen*
(2012 Graduate)